Fantasy Football

It is that time of the year again! Time to see who is going to draft Tim Tebow (even though he's playing baseball), time to see if Gil Alda drafts the entire Detroit Lions team, and time to see if Troy or Joel draft anybody that DIDN'T go to Clemson. Regardless, we always have a great time of fellowship mixed with a few friendly jabs.

This year's draft will take place on Sunday evening, August 20th. This is also the same night that our Small Groups kickoff. Therefore, we will not start the draft any earlier than 6:30 PM. That way, anyone who meets off campus for Small Groups will have time to get back to the church. As usual, we will meet in the small auditorium (below the Sanctuary) and then split off into multiple leagues/drafts if needed. Last year we ended up with 3 different leagues.

We will have some food and drinks, so please bring the usual $5 to help us cover that.

To help prepare for food and the possibility of having multiple leagues, if you already know that you WILL be participating, please send an email to Keith Patterson by clicking HERE. Also let him know if you will be bringing a visitor (even if they decide to come after you send your email) so that we can be sure to keep you in the same league if at all possible.