Understand the Bible in groups

At Northside, we desire to see all of our people join a group. In fact, it's the second part of our b.u.i.l.d.STRONG strategy... "understanding the Bible in groups."  Joining a group allows a person to go deeper in God's word, participate in open discussion, develop community, create accountability, and enjoy fellowship with others!

We believe that being a part of a group is vital to a person's spiritual growth, and vital to the health of our church!  Some groups meet on Sunday morning, some meet on Sunday night, and others meet throughout the week.  We hope you are able to find a group that is a good fit for you!

Click here to see our groups...

Sunday morning groups - CLICK HERE

Sunday night & weekday groups - CLICK HERE

Using the links above, you can find a group that is studying a topic that interests you, a group that is close to your home, a group that meets at a convenient time for your schedule, or even a group that is made up of people like you!

If you have any questions about our groups, please feel free to contact Pastor Scott. You can reach him at the church office (803.327.7119), or through email by clicking HERE.