Our Beliefs

In light of our mission to glorify God and make disciples, we believe God deserves first-place in our life, thoughts, beliefs, and desires. We want Him to meaningfully impact how we interact with a world that needs Him. A summary of our beliefs that guide this mission includes:

We believe that Jesus is the unique Son of God.

Through His sinless life, practical teaching, atoning death and glorious resurrection we are shown both how to be right with God and live right with Christ as King. 

We believe the Bible is the perfect word of God.

Without the Bible as the written word of God, we would know nothing about Jesus, the living and incarnate Word of God. God gave us His Word to instruct us and we place a high priority on seeking to align our believing and our living with the scriptures. The Bible is the final authority on all matters of faith and practice.

We believe the Gospel is the way of God.

The Gospel may secure our future life with God, but is also instructs us in how we live now. Both truths are equally important; we must know how to get to God (by faith in Him and repentance of our sins), and we must know what it looks like to live for God. In a fractured and divided world, being Gospel people makes us conscious of how to best speak the truth in love. We desire to be right and in alignment with the scriptures, but we cannot do that without being loving as well. 

We believe the church is the people of God.

Our day and age underestimates the church. Through the Gospel, God is making a new, redeemed humanity and the center of that humanity is His Bride, the church. The church is not some optional add-on to the buffet of life. God intends for His children to be in His family - which means active and intimate participation in a local body to which you submit. It is both inconsistent and unwise to live apart from the partnership, protection, and power of a local congregation. 


For a complete statement of faith, please see The Baptist Faith & Message 2000.