bible study options


Every Sunday we meet for Bible Study prior to our Worship Gathering. We offer classes for children, youth, and adults! All classes meet at 9:15 am and we offer childcare for nursery and preschool-aged children. School-aged children and teens meet for Bible study in their respective areas. 

Adults have two study options. While both study the scriptures, they each have a slightly different "feel". 

Adult Sunday School is option #1 and meets in our Choir Room. This is a more traditional class setting that uses a curriculum from a national, denominationally-based publishing house. The curriculum this class uses is topical in its nature. 

Our current literature is focused on two studies: "Putting Fear In Its Place" and "How to Discern the Voice of God."

Core Seminars are option #2. Core Seminars are designed like a community Bible college. Focused more on training than on teaching, these seminars cover the kinds of topics a Bible college or seminary would use to train believers. We have the opportunity to control the topics and sequence since we are producing our own curriculum in-house.

Our current Core Seminar is using the book "Know WHY You Believe" to walk through some basic questions that believers should know how to answer in defending their faith.