Guest Connect Card

It's important for us to know a little bit about each other. If you'd kindly complete our Guest Card, it will allow one of our staff or volunteers to personally be in touch with you. And, if you notice on the bottom of the form, we will gladly make a donation to the ministry partner of your choice. We're so committed to being on mission for Jesus that we want to use even our introduction to each other for His mission as well!


what to expect

Showing up to a new environment can be intimidating. Here's some info to make your visit a little easier.

  • The first thing you should experience is a joyful group of Jesus followers who are really happy to have you worshipping with us. If someone comes up to tell you hi or to get to know you - they're not trying to sell you anything, they just want to get to know you because we believe relationships are important.

    Secondly, we want you to experience meaningful worship. We want it to be evident that we believe in a big and awesome God who is also loving and approachable. 

    Third, we're known for engaging biblical teaching. We don't just refer to the Bible, we teach through it. We really believe that the Bible is God's Word to us.

    Fourth, while we take God seriously, we don't take ourselves too seriously! So, you'll find people dressed in all kinds of ways. Some dress up more, some come casually. But we believe that what is going on in our hearts in worship is vastly more important than what clothes are on our bodies. So, dress comfortably.

  • On Sunday morning, we begin gathering at 9:15 am for our various Bible study options. We have age-appropriate Bible studies for preschoolers, school-aged children, teens, and adults. Then we gather for worship at 10:30 am. In this service, we'll have a worship team that leads us in singing, scripture readings and praying. Then we'll hear a message from the Bible that helps us to learn how to live better as Jesus' disciples. 

  • For all of our church programming on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, we have trained and screened childcare workers available. To get more information about our nursery, preschool, or children's ministries, you can click HERE.

  • YES! We want to take our marching orders from Jesus - who was the most loving and welcoming person in history. Churchgoers sometimes get accused of acting like they've got it all together. And truthfully, some of our more mature believers really do. But there are lots of us who are still trying to figure out what it means to live faithfully for Jesus in our day and age. You don't have to clean yourself up before you come to Jesus; that's His job. We aspire to be just like Jesus - accepting you where you are and then joining with Jesus as He changes all of us into His image. 

  • If you're asking about musical style, we are more modern in our style. What we mean by that is that we don't have a dress code, we don't have a bunch of fancy furniture on our stage and our music is led by a small band. We have a team of people (a couple of instrumentalists and vocalists) who will lead us in songs that are both older and songs that are modern-day.  As for our preaching, the best way to describe it is text-driven. We're not driven by holidays or denominational calendars but by the Bible. We may find ourselves in a topical series, but even those series are going through a passage of scripture verse-by-verse. We want God's Word; not some person's!